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we turn ideas into works of art.

Fourzone Décor is a full-service interior design firm headquartered in Dubai, with offices in India. It began as a small organisation comprising of a minute, yet devoted staff of eight people. In 10 years, this number has grown, simply by word of mouth, to reach more than 250 skilled, enthusiastic employees. Their dedication has helped Fourzone Décor to form a niche for itself in the field, with its chic, contemporary interior designs, specifically in palaces and the hospitality sector.

Fourzone Décor’s factory in Dubai Investment Parks is fully equipped with state-of-art facilities, and qualified, capable employees to ensure a history of project completion, well within the defined time specifications, and even before.

Meanwhile the professionalism that drives the success of this organisation comes from Fourzone Décor’s design team, efficient at project management, and creative in their outlook. Experts in the domain of interior design, they understand the clients’ needs and requirements, including their budget specifications, before manifesting the strictest discipline and aesthetic competence to deliver projects on time, and often re-engineered to meet budget constraints placed on the team by clients.



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